Is a handbag a necessity or a style statement? We like to think it’s both. A ladies handbag should be useful and beautiful. But, no matter how beautiful a particular bag is, it might not be suitable for every outfit you own. Especially in today’s world of fashion where there are uncountable styles and designs of handbags, you should be very particular while pairing a bag with your overall look. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry. Here is a complete guide to pairing your handbags with your outfits. You are welcome!


A Bagful of Styles:

Although the bags are normally only used for the purpose of carrying your essentials around, they do differ in designs, shapes, and colors. This difference is not solely based on the looks, but also on how and where those bags are carried e.g., backpacks for traveling, handbags for hangouts, shoulder bags for work, and so on. Let us break down handbag styling into shapes, colors, body types, and outfits.


The Shape of You and the Bag:

It is a small but quite important and pretty logical detail to keep in your mind while styling a handbag for women. Our body directly wears and supports the handbag. If you wear a bag that doesn’t go with your body type, it will overshadow both the body and your outfit, resultantly affecting your overall outlook.

-        Plus size body:

Women with plus-size clothing should go for well-structured handbags, for example hand-held structured bags or long-strapped satchel bags to balance and complement their curvy body shape. Small bags can be a little risky for plus-size ladies as they can add extra visual weight to your appearance.  The bag should be worn in a way that it’s not close to your bulky areas. For instance, if you have a heavy lower body, the bag should be kept tucked just above the waist to balance out your body shape.

-        Petite:

Small body, small bag. It is a fairly simple equation. Smaller handbags or shoulder bags for ladies should be kept as near to your upper body as fashionably possible; it is the best way to wear a bag if you are petite and cute.

-        Tall:

For tall and slim ladies, slouchy, freestyle, or round shapes are the best ones to go for.


Gone are the days when you can find just the blacks & whites in the handbag world. In today’s world order where a penton dictates your annual fashion trends, blending more colors to your appearance with the help of colorful bags is always a good idea. We trust you to do the simple task of styling black & white bags yourself, here we will discuss how to compliment your look with colorful bags because that can be a fairly tricky task.

-        If you are wearing an otherwise dull outfit, it is the best time to add some bright hues with the help of shockingly colorful bags. Oranges and yellows can be your best fellows in such circumstances.

-        Monochrome is not as boring as you think it is. Get your colorful bags out that you banished because of, well being too colorful, and pair them with either the same shade of a little lighter or darker shade of the same color, and viola, Kardashian vibes!!!

-        Before light and muted colors feel sidelined, here is a tip for styling them as well. Grab your light blue, brown, and green bags out and style them with your black and white outfits. Although they are light colors, we promise they’ll be popping, demanding compliments.


Bags, though look harmless, can easily destroy or decorate your outfit. Allow us to help you not make any drastic mistakes when it comes to pairing a handbag with an outfit.

Handbags add runway hints to your outfit. To make it Gigi perfect, you should pair them up with formal or semi-formal outfits.

Handbags are your multi-purpose friends. They can make you rock every look. Be it a diva-on-the-runway look to a mom-going-out-to-get-milk look. Going out to do groceries, pair your satchel handbag with a slouchy t-shirt and ragged jeans. Going out with friends, get your cute little handbag and style them up with a fancy top and high heels.


Looking for Handbags?

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