Shopping for shoes can be a lot of fun, until you end up with shoes that don’t fit. We understand how frustrating it can be to head out, buy your favorite pair of shoes, and not have them fit later on. Turns out, there are several mistakes that we tend to make while picking shoes for ourselves.

This handy guide to buying the right ladies shoes will discuss all the important tips you need to keep in mind to choose comfortable shoes for yourself. Let’s have a look.

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Tips to choose the right shoe size

  • To make sure that you choose the right shoe size, it is recommended that you shop for shoes at night, after you get off from work, or after exercise. This is because our feet tend to enlarge or swell due to standing or walking all day long. Therefore, it is important that you choose a shoe size that would fit you easily even when your ankles and feet are at their largest.
  • If you are someone who wears socks regularly, then it's best for you to try new shoes while wearing socks as well. This is especially important for people who are used to wearing socks that are thicker than a nylon pair.
  • If you want to buy a pair of high heeled ladies sandals, apply pressure to the midfoot while trying on the shoes. If the size doesn’t fit you perfectly, this would make your heel slide back. This is a clear indicator that the shoe you are trying on is not the right size for you.
  • Your feet can become larger as you age. Therefore, before you choose a shoe for yourself - have a shop assistant measure your feet and buy shoes accordingly.
  • While trying on the shoe, see if there is enough space for you to wiggle your toes. Remember, the shoe that you will be walking or running in should have enough space to let you move your feet within it. Shoes that are too tight not only cause foot fatigue, but can also lead to bigger health issues later on.
  • The flexibility of the shoe should not be ignored since shoes that are too flexible or not flexible at all can cause instant fatigue/gait disorders, and other health problems. To check a shoe’s flexibility, hold both ends of the shoe in your hand and try to twist it. If the shoe bends too much, it won't be supportive

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How shoes affect your feet, legs and joints

Choosing the right shoe size is more important than you might think. Yes, looking at shoes that feature breathtaking designs and colors can tempt you to buy them, regardless of whether they fit you perfectly or not, but this can cause several health problems in the long run. For instance, buying high-heels that don’t fit you properly can put too much pressure on your heels, which can lead to back pain and injuries upon frequent use.

Other than this, poor footwear also leads to other health issues including postural issues, shin splints, Achilles tendon pain, and more. Choosing the right shoe size can make all the difference. Let’s have a look at some of the effects that poor shoe fit can have.

  • There are more chances of injury if your shoes don’t fit the activity you are going to be performing. For instance, shoes that are made to be worn at parties and events are different from the ones designed for running and exercising. Hence, be particular about where you are going to wear the shoe.
  • The wrong shoe fit can cause pressure on your joints, and bones, which can lead to back and shoulder pain. Therefore, if you stand for long durations at your workplace, it is essential that your shoes are comfortable enough.
  • The shoes you wear can affect the way you walk. The way you take each step has an impact on the way the rest of your body follows. The wrong shoe fit not only leads to imbalance, but also leads to motion control issues.

The right shoes, regardless of whether they are high-heels, ladies chappals, long shoes, or any other type, can help reduce foot and back pain.  Therefore, while looking for designs that are trendy, sophisticated, and fashionable, it is important that you don’t forget about comfort.

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